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Hospital Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Hospitals face challenges in healthcare operations management in the absence of a mechanism to capture, analyze and present real-time performance about clinical and financial processes. Such information is vital to improve the quality of healthcare, for optimal clinical and financial outcomes and real-time performance optimization.

The Hospital Real-Time Performance Monitoring solution from Infosys enables hospitals to address challenges in healthcare operations management. Based on Hospital Performance Management Analysis framework from Infosys, our Hospital Real-Time Performance Monitoring solution monitors data and process events as they occur, aggregates and correlates them into Key Performance Indicators and metrics, analyzes patterns, and displays them on customizable Information Dashboards.

Our solution has an inbuilt notification and alerting mechanism. The alerts are delivered through multiple platforms such as e-mail, pager, SMS as well as automated escalations based on defined selection criteria.

The visual interface of our solution enables stakeholders to specify the processes and activities that need to be monitored as well as the monitoring methodology. In addition, our solution enables business process owners to design customized Key Performance Indicators or metrics. These can be used to formulate alerts and mitigation strategies.


  • Real-Time information: The Hospital Real-Time Performance Monitoring solution from Infosys presents real-time information to the user, as and when events occur, thus providing an opportunity to recognize and respond to event/trends early and shape outcomes proactively

  • Increased quality of healthcare and patient safety: Our solution enables clinicians to significantly improve clinical outcomes while reducing mortality, length of stay (LOS) and avoiding the increased costs associated with treating complications. Real-time performance monitoring is an extra safety net to protect the patients against adverse events

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