Successful exchange participation needs to be a three-stage exercise. Health plans need to establish basic exchange operations in order to gear up for the transformation of business models over the next few years to thrive in the exchange world. Infosys Public Exchange Solution helps organizations with this transformation exercise.

Our solution is an integrated offering that simplifies and fast tracks exchange participation for healthplans successfully.

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Infosys Public Exchange Onboarding Solution

Infosys Public Exchange Onboarding Solution

The integrated offering simplifies and accelerates exchange participation through:

  • Components and services to support health plans at each stage of the onboarding roadmap
  • Accelerators to fast-track onboarding, minimize changes to internal systems, and reduce implementation costs and efforts 
  • Scalable and adaptable architecture built on a service-oriented concept to support evolving requirements 
  • Best practices from public exchange implementation and proven expertise from payer onboarding programs

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