The Infosys High Tech practice partners with manufacturers of consumer electronics and silicon-enabled products as well as independent software vendors to cultivate B2C and B2B relationships. Our digital solutions deepen the engagement with customers and business partners, including product designers, dealers, distributors, and resellers. Our plug-and-play models boost customer retention and sales through social Customer Relationship Management (CRM), content localization, and digital marketing.

Infosys experts leverage Industry 4.0-driven tools to manage customer / partner engagement across touch points, channels, functions, products, business units, and regions. We combine Artificial Intelligence (AI), immersive technologies, and predictive analytics to engage customers and business partners – from product exploration, purchase assistance, and after sales service to warranty management.

Our AI platforms aggregate customer data from online and offline systems, such as click-through behavior, downloads from reference design repositories, and order history, to detect patterns in intent and predict purchase volume / frequency. Subsequently, it makes recommendations for seamless sales and support services. Significantly, predictive insights help manufacturers mitigate risks, while accelerating deal closure.

AI technologies facilitate purposeful customer interactions with minimal human intervention. Infosys Nia, our chatbot, can be integrated with digital commerce and mobile-based service applications to respond to queries in natural language, based on granular information extracted from diverse systems, documents and collaboration platforms. Our track and trace solutions and real-time alert mechanisms enhance the customer experience by enabling prompt product / batch recall in the event of a malfunction.


Challenges & Solutions

Data-driven ecosystem ensures superior experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Analytical tools use data from connected products to understand customer interactions and expectations.

Digital solutions connect manufacturers, customers and business partners for deeper engagement.