The Infosys High Tech practice offers product engineering and testing services for semiconductor foundries as well as fabless enterprises. We delineate product requirements, benchmark products, and define the roadmap for maintenance of legacy products as well as assembly of complex microelectronic packages. We redefine the product architecture and streamline workflows to accelerate the operations cycle for low-volume automatic controller products as well as standardized processors, integrated circuits and electronic assemblies.

Our digital ecosystem integrates design, engineering, production, and validation. It helps quickly identify and eliminate conceptual-level errors and orient the design as well as layout of circuits for diverse techniques such as Design for Assembly (DFA), Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design for Testability (DFT), and Design for Security (DFS). Our approach ensures product serviceability, while enabling engineering change management and product portfolio management.

We combine built-in reference methodologies, knowledge databases, and rich test and certification engineering experience to enhance the performance and safety of existing hardware systems, enhance embedded applications, and upgrade technology. We undertake verification testing (white box testing) and validation testing (black box testing). Our experts collaborate with various certification agencies to certify compliance with product standards and regulations. Significantly, our software-based testing methods rationalize costs.

Our domain and technology experts leverage real-time simulation and optimization tools to assess design alternatives.



  • Reliability engineering
  • Dimensional engineering
  • Simulation services
  • Human-Machine Interference
  • (HMI)
  • Safety and sustenance engineering
  • Product data / portfolio management


  • CAD/CAM application customization
  • Requirements / systems engineering
  • Component engineering
  • Design optimization and miniaturization
  • Configuration management
  • Engineering change management


  • Traceability and compliance management
  • Supplier / contract manufacturer collaboration
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) management
  • Part classification and component reuse
  • Manufacturing process planning
  • Manufacturing systems integration


  • Test data and test station optimization
  • Sample testing Design Version Testing (DVT)
  • Evaluation Version Testing (EVT)
  • Mass Production Version Testing (MVT)
  • Reliability and environmental testing

Success story: Digital order management ecosystem enables offline processing of quotes

Automated quote delivery process enables an electronic components distribution company improve quote-to-order conversion rate by 5%.


Challenges & Solutions

Multidimensional analysis and simulation enhance product design and address functional requirements, while minimizing iterations as well as costs.

Model-based engineering simplifies systems integration, facilitates dynamic analysis, and enables reuse of test suites.

Model-based design enhances product quality as well as the efficiency of product design, development and testing.