The Infosys High Tech practice helps electronic equipment manufacturers and chipmakers align customer demand with shop floor capacity. Our supply chain solutions enable informed decisions for planning, scheduling, monitoring, and managing inbound and outbound logistics. Our Industry 4.0–driven digital platforms facilitate real-time information sharing between manufacturers and partners, including subcontractors, distributors, resellers, and customers. It reduces the lead time to configure localized product variants and recall batches in the event of quality / compliance issues.

We modernize the ERP backbone to boost supply chain visibility through cross-functional integration of processes. Modernization helps enterprises capitalize on Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and mobile technology for warehouse, fleet, warranty, and inventory management. A digital ecosystem provides easy access to supply chain metrics, such as delivery lead time, inventory turnover, gross margins, and supplier performance. In addition, it helps mitigate risks by predicting issues and identifying counterfeit parts.

Cloud-hosted databases and robotic process automation minimize stock-out and enable on-demand inventory reconciliation. Further, it enables analysis of consumption and inventory trends for predictive insights. Our AI-based solutions improve service levels and rationalize inventory across product portfolios – high-volume standardized components or bespoke integrated circuits.

Infosys Nia, our ready-to-deploy conversational bot, enhances self-service in e-procurement and supplier portals with diverse cognitive elements. Our virtual assistant responds to queries pertaining to delivery schedules, stock levels, and product returns, among others.


Challenges & Solutions

Rich experience in micro-level tracking technologies such as sensors, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Geographic Information System (GIS), Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

Visual and image analytics solutions extract label information from products and pallets, and automatically populate backend information systems / portals for tracking movement.

Smart supply chain services synchronize processes to ensure compliance with regulations for transportation of wafer lots, hazardous inputs, scrap, returns, and e-waste.