The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice offers digital sales and marketing solutions for direct-to-customer as well as indirect distribution. We support branding and marketing strategies with mobile, digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven services. Our AI tools for omni-channel marketing enhance effectiveness through contextualization and analytics-powered campaigns / programs.

Infosys creates digital catalogs to help customers search products based on features / attributes. Our product configuration solution accelerates the sales cycle by enabling sales teams to configure products and estimate product costs accurately. The solution captures customer requirements, automatically maps requirements with the product portfolio, and optimizes pricing. Further, our solution enables industrial manufacturers and distributors to better manage inventory, pricing and orders for components / parts of configure-to-order products.

Our cloud-hosted portals are virtual product showrooms displaying comprehensive information – from pre-sales content, interactive visualization, demos, and instructional / tutorial videos to customer experience stories. We address latency and web compatibility issues as well as constraints of legacy applications and revamp websites for e-Commerce.

Our team integrates social media widgets, payment gateways, and shipping modules with web portals to grow sales. Our digital professionals optimize sales and marketing portals for functionality as well as search engines. Real-time integration with diverse business processes enables sales teams to identify and convert leads faster. In addition, it helps customers download technical manuals, check stock availability, track orders, and seek after-sales support. Infosys Nia, our AI-powered chatbot, answers customer queries about products, price and orders.

Our cloud-hosted marketing solutions are optimized for diverse devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers.

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Sales & Marketing

Success story: Hilti empowers customers with self-service

Infosys developed a mobile application for construction and maintenance professionals to search Hilti’s product portfolio, make a selection based on technical criteria, and order or save it for later.


Challenges & Solutions

Process optimization, automation tools, and scalable platform solutions ensure cost-effective marketing while driving sales.

Teams of functional experts and analysts recommend pathways to reach a broader audience based on an assessment of IT systems and marketing technology solutions.

Digital quoting systems support customized pricing for complex products and turnkey projects.