Tailored. Connected. Intelligent.

The path to smart manufacturing isn’t the same for all manufacturers. Different goals, challenges and systems call for unique approaches and focused changes. The Infosys IIoT Maturity Assessment Framework and our Connected Operations on Cloud solution help you map your own path to a smarter, connected shopfloor and unlock efficiencies precisely where you need them.

Infosys Smart Manufacturing brings a structured approach to shop floor transformation by studying your needs, processes, and digital maturity. The goal: A connected factory designed to deliver visibility, collaboration and orchestration of equipment, people, and products around demand signals.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys has developed a comprehensive consultative technique and toolset to identify quality, cost, and productivity challenges in production processes. The toolset helps develop a robust business case and incorporates stakeholder inputs to assure their buy-in.

Infosys Smart Manufacturing solution addresses all the building blocks of ISA_95 stack including capturing signals from OT infrastructure. The approach includes both hardware and software aspects of signal capture.

Infosys Smart Manufacturing solution approach includes identification of common process patterns and solution components that can then be templatized in the construct of a Minimum Viable Product. In addition, the approach provisions flexibility to leverage legacy investments across production lines and plants.

Digital factories are born at the convergence of IT and OT. While IT has detailed practice frameworks like ITIL in place, Infosys introduces a framework of standardized processes into the OT environment to bridge the gap between the two. Manufacturers can then run their OT business in line with the IT side, to reap the real benefits of this convergence.

Infosys helps manufacturers implement modern and intelligent OT security protocols that allow for selective sharing of data while retaining complete control over functionality and services.