The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice offers value engineering services to refine / improve the form and function of existing products, and minimize the design and development time and cost of new products. ‘Digital twinning’ enables us to define value drivers, and explore alternative designs, materials, processes, and testing systems. Further, it identifies infrastructure, process, service, and data issues that affect program execution / value realization.

Infosys combines knowledge-based engineering, computer-aided design / engineering / manufacturing systems, and artificial intelligence-powered automation for value analysis and value engineering. It helps reuse knowledge and leverage integrated tooling to minimize rework, thereby accelerating prototyping as well as development of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Our ‘tear down and process benchmarking’ framework analyzes legacy products and bills of materials to enhance features and functions. It analyzes the arrangement of equipment, parts, systems, and tools as well as the time and sequence for assembly, dismantling and reassembly to generate improvement plans. Our framework evaluates opportunities to simplify a product, while rationalizing material, personnel and financial resources across its lifecycle.

Infosys adopts cost flow analysis to determine overheads for enhanced product value. We optimize product costs through design innovation, standardization of parts / components, simplification of production processes, and digital transformation of supply chain operations.


Challenges & Solutions

Knowledge templates gather functional and non-functional requirements, collate ideas, and guide programs to achieve desired value(s) at minimal cost.

Modeling and simulation solutions enable product teams to explore business / technical feasibility and evaluate value drivers from stakeholder perspectives.

Cross-functional team of designers, manufacturing engineers, data scientists, business analysts, cost accountants, and supply chain professionals deliver end-to-end service.