Professional services organizations often have limited visibility into their local or global engagements due to the complex hierarchical structures of their clients. Moreover, the localization of professional services operations inhibits client mining since country offices work independently of each other. The professional services enterprise and local / global client dynamics demand an ecosystem of information sharing and collaboration.

Infosys provides professional services organizations with a network view of global clients and their complex hierarchies. We create a unique ID to allow partners / country offices to locate and cross-reference clients across systems, manage relationships, and facilitate prompt and accurate reporting, transcending D&B's Data Universal Numbering System.

Our prescriptive Master Data Management (MDM) solution creates a centralized repository of a client’s master or golden records. Our solution leverages Informatica multi-domain MDM. It hosts the database storing cleansed golden records. The data access layer provides a replica of the single version of the truth. It serves as an operational data cache for applications that need read-only access to the golden records.

Our team has developed a business logic catalog for authentication against a varied set of rules to determine ownership. Our solution offers a notification service that triggers alerts about client data changes in the MDM system for downstream applications so that client data is updated in local applications.

Our MDM solution can be implemented across financial systems supporting consolidation and reporting. It provides partners with a network-wide view of clients and prospects to pursue new business leads.

Our centralized repository approach provides local as well as regional offices with a network-wide view of clients for organic growth.

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Challenges & Solutions

Provide a network-wide view with a detailed hierarchy of clients to pursue advisory, tax, and audit engagements.

Gain a consolidated view of clients and prospects from a centralized knowledge repository to facilitate information discovery and enhance collaboration.

Get a single version of the truth about multinational clients, engagements, and industries across the network.