Global enterprises need to capitalize on their intellectual capital to differentiate themselves and sustain their competitiveness. Consequently, human capital management (HCM) has become more responsive, better aligned with the business vision, and more focused on outcomes for organizational growth.

Infosys HR Pulse, our human capital management scorecard solution, defines metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help the HR organization monitor performance against internal targets and industry benchmarks. Our solution measures performance, tracks progress, and highlights trends for enhanced visibility into workforce productivity.

Our platform-independent cloud-based solution is available in a SaaS model. It allows the HR leadership to focus and measure specific KPIs within the HR domain. It offers a quantitative as well as graphical representation of KPI-based performance data. Our solution has a mobile user interface and is compatible with industry-leading HCM applications. It embeds chatbots to provide HR professionals with insights and root causes of performance gaps.

Key features

  • Formulae-based scorecard for relevant HR KPIs enabling HR leadership to formulate strategy for corrective action
  • Logical grouping of HR metrics and KPIs within human capital management
  • Ability to slice and dice data and display trends across business units, locations, departments
  • Compare performance of various HR metrics with internal targets and industry benchmarks

We quantify employee performance with a metrics-based scorecard to identify areas of improvement.

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Challenges & Solutions

Effective talent management manages aspirations, motivates the workforce, and fosters an indigenous organizational culture.

A metric-based scorecard makes a tangible correlation with business outcomes.

A snapshot of performance metrics identifies areas of improvement and sets peer and industry benchmarks.