The conventional approach to fulfilling multiple line functions in an enterprise involves a well-staffed back office managing the volume and complexity of operations. However, a human-centric approach for repetitive tasks is unsustainable due to potential errors and escalation in payroll costs.

Infosys evaluates rules-based and time-sensitive tasks and automates processes of professional services organizations and their clients. Our robotic process automation (RPA) experts document real-world processes and undertake a cost-benefit analysis to gauge accuracy and return on investment based on a proven RPA assessment framework before implementing process automation powered by robots.

Our RPA team devises customized automation solutions that address specific enterprise process needs while capitalizing on use cases, process evaluation methodologies, RPA bot development, governance, and sustenance standards. Infosys' suite of RPA solutions leverages AssistEdge, our proprietary solution, and industry-leading RPA platforms such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism for automation of enterprise tasks.

Infosys’ RPA team has rich experience in deploying robots to automate human capital, customer service, finance and administration, legal, IT operations, and sales and marketing processes. We implement robotic automation for a broad spectrum of processes, from email response collation and scheduling meetings to statutory compliance and reporting activities.

Our robotic process automation is aimed at delivering predictable results while managing the scale and complexity of enterprise processes.

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Challenges & Solutions

Our approach automates processes defined by business rules to free up time and boost the productivity of the workforce.

We scale up or scale down the deployment of specialized bots based on the need, quantum, and complexity of work.

Our bots work round the clock and handle spikes in volume while delivering high quality output.