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Content Creation and Management for Book Publishing

The confluence of digital, social and mobile technologies opens opportunities to enhance printed books as well as e-books. Significantly, it offers avenues for interaction and collaboration between authors and readers via content platforms. Imagine a reader choosing the ending of a story, directly chatting with the author, investigating pictures, videos or news about the locations within the book, or sharing their book list or comments with friends.

Your publishing enterprise needs a ‘smart’ content strategy to make content accessible across multiple content management systems and stores using semantic search technologies even though it is spread over different content stores embedded in books or chapters.

The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice can help you with your smart content strategy with content taxonomies and ontologies, and semantic and natural language processing (NLP) tools for prompt search and discovery of content. We can help you manage the content production process and monitor progress at each stage, including acquisition, copyediting, typesetting, page layout, indexing, cover design, and release. Our automation approach converts source files with text, maps, pictures, and illustrations into standardized file formats for peer review and processing. We develop systems and automate processes to enhance quality, minimize costs, and ensure the timely publication of titles.

Infosys Content Creation & Management Services

The Infosys advantage

  • Expertise in print as well as digital content management systems
  • Expertise in production and distribution systems that track progress across the production and fulfillment process
  • Experience in developing reader-oriented content platforms
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