The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice enhances the reach of your enterprise through social media and mobility solutions. Machine learning algorithms use news consumption and subscription data to empower marketing teams with visibility into areas of interest, a business imperative for audience engagement and content monetization. Moreover, insights into correlation between sections of your newspaper and news articles increase the stickiness quotient of content.

We combine natural language processing and text analytics with geospatial data to simplify access, sharing and management of content. It helps you deliver contextual content based on preferences, reading habits and location of users. The Infosys gamification platform deepens audience engagement, while our digital marketing tools drive contextual promotions and up-sell / cross-sell by bundling print and digital products.

Our content structure supports ‘Lego-ization’ – breaking down of content into bite-sized modules for reuse and redistribution across delivery channels. The exposure of news content through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and feeds enables pay-as-you-go / micro-subscription strategies and flexible pricing models for metered news consumption.

We supplement subscription-based businesses with new revenue streams.


Infosys capabilities in audience engagement


Challenges & Solutions

Artificial intelligence-based solutions to serve contextual content and advertisements.

Rich experience in developing subscription and pricing models for print and metered news consumption.

Sophisticated tools for content extraction and management facilitate monetization.