The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice partners with content providers, including legal, education and research, risk management, business news, market intelligence, medical, science and technology, and financial companies, across the source-to-publish value chain.

We streamline workflows and unify content silos to accelerate the publishing cycle. It boosts productivity and reduces the cost of content generation. Our approach facilitates content enrichment and atomization. Our robust content migration framework ensures smooth transition to an advanced publishing environment.

Automation tools enhance the efficiency of processes to collect, aggregate, categorize, and enrich content. The Infosys Information Collection and Conversion (I2C2) platform offers modular components and a configurable user interface to accelerate content collection and reporting. Our I2C2 platform streamlines transformation, analysis and validation of data. In addition, it converts content to industry standard output XML schemas.

Our platform offers modular components for content acquisition and transformation.

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Infosys content transformation services


Challenges & Solutions

Deep expertise in the legal, education, research, science, technology, and medical content domains.

Repository of templates and configurable process flows to acquire and transform structured as well as unstructured content.

Content Acquisition Implementation framework accelerates acquisition and integration of content.

Centralized governance model facilitates collaboration between IT, business, and editorial teams.

Content validation workbenches, automation tools and accelerators significantly reduce time and effort for content analysis and validation.