The Infosys Utilities practice develops, maintains and upgrades contact center applications at gas, power and water utilities for a superior customer experience. We use communications technologies and automation tools to reorient your contact and customer support center from service resolution to revenue generation. Our user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) ensures accurate data capture, analysis and presentation across your contact center. We ensure performance excellence by undertaking continuous analysis and improvement of contact center operations.

Standardized workflow enables better utilization of resources, thereby allowing higher call volume management at lower costs. Our domain specialists integrate contact center applications with internal and external systems, while providing robust support for a diverse technology stack. An integrated view of customer records delivers outcomes for every customer interaction and reduces repeat calls. We also create dashboards for performance reporting, develop instruction manuals, and train users.

Our suite of automation tools ensures smooth call forwarding and boosts agent productivity.

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Infosys utilities contact center footprint


Challenges & Solutions

Rich experience in bespoke packaged interaction management software, including SAP and Oracle solutions.

Simplified service management and process optimization help in minimizing the budget and duration to train new recruits.

AssistEdge, our proprietary customer service product, reduces average call handling time as well as call waiting time.