Infosys reorients power utilities into analytics-driven enterprises with semantics models for a 360-degree view of customers and enterprise products / services. We help you harness customer data, and deliver value-based offerings – energy efficiency solutions, sustainability initiatives, gamification tools, and curtailment programs.

Our data solutions capture machine-generated, transactional and streaming data for real-time processing. We use data lakes to store voluminous raw data across formats, schema and types. Our metadata-driven data grids allow seamless consumption of enriched data.

We have a boundary-less data ecosystem to facilitate advanced analytics. Our offerings help you predict customer behavior and forecast demand accurately while enhancing customer service, managing constraints, and streamlining operations.

Our machine learning models analyze historical data and predict patterns to make recommendations.

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Infosys utilities customer analytics footprint


Challenges & Solutions

Strategic alliances with leaders in analytics such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, SAS Institute, and Pentaho.

Responsive architecture, technology components and engineering approach for pervasive analytics.

Infosys Analytics Academy develops competencies by partnering with leading institutions, including the Stanford Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) and Indian Statistical Institute.