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Analyst Meet 2007

Date: October 22, 2007
Place: New York

Press Release
October 4, 2007

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State of the business

S. GopalakrishnanS. Gopalakrishnan
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

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Strategic Highlights

S.D. ShibulalS.D. Shibulal
Chief Operating Officer & Member of the Board

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Banking and Capital Markets

Ashok VemuriAshok Vemuri
Senior Vice President & Head of Banking and Capital Markets

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Europe, Middle East and Africa

B.G. SrinivasB.G. Srinivas
Senior Vice President - Europe, Middle East and Africa

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Enterprise Solutions

Chandra Shekar Kakal Chandra Shekar Kakal
Senior Vice President & Global Head Enterprise Solutions

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Insurance, Healthcare and Lifesciences

Eric PaternosterEric Paternoster
Senior Vice President - Insurance, Healthcare and Life Sciences

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Infosys Consulting

Stephen PrattStephen Pratt
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
Infosys Consulting, Inc.

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Open House

S. Gopalakrishnan S.D. Shibulal Ashok Vemuri B.G. Srinivas Chandra Shekar Kakal Eric Paternoster Stephen Pratt V. Balakrishnan K. Dinesh

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