Date: August 4, 2022

Time: 2:00 PM to 6:15 PM AEST

Location: Infosys Living Lab, Two Melbourne Quarter – Level B1, 697 Collins Street Docklands, 3008, Melbourne

Event Overview

Infosys is organizing a forum on Accelerating 5G Adoption. This event will show you how your organisation can leverage 5G based solutions and services. The objective of the forum is to discuss and deliberate over the biggest question we face with 5G today – When will 5G scale and how to monetize it effectively?

There will also be an opportunity to view a number of available solutions developed by OEMs, CSPs and Industry consortiums that will help accelerate 5G adoption.

Join us in-person at the Melbourne Living Lab to participate in the discussion and generate new insights.

Event Description

The forum will make use of panel discussions, lab demonstrations and networking sessions to explore the topic and stimulate ideas. The panelists and speakers will be drawn from multiple industry enterprise customers, industry experts and academia and they will share their views on accelerating deployment and monetizing 5G services across industries. The topics will include SDN & 5G, Private 5G, MEC, AI based Automation and solutions that can be offered for quick adoption.

Key Takeaways

  • Detailed discussions on workings of 5G, MEC and their various use-cases across industry verticals
  • Gain insights from industry experts on leveraging 5G and related technologies for success
  • Garner ideas and insights for 5G monetization for your organization
  • Opportunity to network with a wide array of cross-domain experts


Timing (AEST) Session Details and Schedule
2:30 PM to 2:35 PM Welcome and introduction
2:35 PM to 2:40 PM Opening address
2:40 PM to 3:00 PM Fireside chat: AUS/NZ 5G Market Dynamics
3:00 PM to 3:30 PM Panel Discussion: Leveraging 5G for enterprises
3:30 PM to 4:00 PM Panel Discussion: 5G enablement discussion
4:00 PM to 4:10 PM Maximizing 5G potential through collaborative integrated offerings
4:10 PM to 5:10 PM 5G Lab demonstrations
5:10 PM to 6:10 PM Networking session

Speaker Details


Mr. Newin Durai

Semra Barutchu, VP Engineering Services, Asia Infosys

Speakers and panelists

Surit Sethi

Surit Sethi, Senior Executive, Information Management & Health Analytics, Medibank

Anna Perrin

Anna Perrin, Managing Director (Oceania), Nokia

Dustin Kehoe

Dustin Kehoe, Director, Global Data

Rajneesh Geer

Rajneesh Geer, Chief Architect 5G, Cisco

Dallas Johnson

Dallas Johnson, Global Head of Engineering, Dacoco GmBH

Mr. Newin Durai

Pat Devlin, Director, Aruba, a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Company, Australia and New Zealand

Amrit Singh

Amrit Singh, Principal CDA, AWS

Mr. Newin Durai

Ravneet Pawha, VP – Global Alliances CEO - South Asia Deakin University

Andrew Groth

Andrew Groth, EVP and Regional Head A/NZ, Infosys

Mr. Newin Durai

Gaurav Gopal, VP and Head of CMT & SURE, A/NZ Infosys

Mr. Newin Durai

Raja Shah, SVP and Industry Head, Global Markets Infosys

Mr. Newin Durai

Gopikrishnan Konnanath, SVP and Global Head of Engineering Services Infosys