Infosys Multi Access Edge Computing offering is a combination of multiple related sub-offerings:

  • Vertical Build & Integration of Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Multi-access Connectivity
  • VNF and Application Migration
  • Define, Build and Integrate Enterprise Specific Use Cases

The offering combines the wireless and SDN domain expertise with a rich set of tools for automation and predefined blueprints to deploy E2E MEC platforms, thus achieving faster rollouts and seamless integration across existing landscape.

The offering caters to deployment of various types of MEC implementations that cut across the technology stack including:

  • Multi-access [wireless, Wi-Fi, broadband, etc.]
  • MEC platform for policy-based local breakouts
  • Integration with wireless and IP core
  • NFVI (Compute, storage, and underlay networking)
  • Virtual Infrastructure Manager
  • MEC and NFV Orchestration
  • Integration with IT and OSS systems

Infosys offering helps deliver secure and reliable solution that can be scaled on demand.

Infosys can help clients achieve enhanced customer experience and unified support ecosystem leveraging Infosys Automation, Analytics, and IoT offerings.

Vertical build and integration of MEC

Orchestrating the end-to-end network ecosystem partners from hardware, VIM, MEC platform, RAN, and cloud to bring to define holistic vertically integrated solutions

Multi-access connectivity services

Onboarding and building of private LTE/5G for enterprises on MEC

VNF and application migration

Migration of network functions and business applications on MEC

Define, build, and integrate enterprise-specific use cases

Help in designing enterprise-specific use cases (such as media, IoT, etc.) and onboarding them on MEC, and integrating with enterprise systems

Integrated Virtual RAN & MEC platform solution for Edge Network and On-premise Deployment


Infosys Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) Solution brings together the right digital ecosystem partners, deep domain, and technical expertise across industry segments, along with in-house tools and accelerators to help integrate and achieve faster time to market.

Key capabilities, accelerators, and benefits offered by Infosys Multi Access Edge Computing offering include:

Flexible Architecture for Platform Build

Infosys Flexible Multi Access Edge Computing Platform architecture helps create best of breed ‘software-defined MEC solution’ with a Lego block-based architecture ensuring flexibility for customers to select the components of choice. Infosys has an established strategic supplier partnership ecosystem to help bring together the best integrated platform.

Automation enabled open RAN Deployment and Integration

Infosys offers an automation accelerated RAN deployment catering 4G/5G non-standalone (NSA)/standalone (SA) 5G needs and with virtualized RAN components deployable on a common VIM infrastructure.

Deep Integration expertise with OSS and Service layers

Infosys comes with deep expertise in seamless integration across existing landscape supporting industry standard interfaces and an integrated CI/CD tools chain.

Workload Onboarding and Automation

The solution offers Edge infrastructure which is scalable and caters to the needs of both network and business applications. It leverages Infosys Network Function Automation Platform to help customers onboard the network and application workloads rapidly with minimal cost.

Business Orchestration and Tenant Management Framework for enterprise customers

The solution offers orchestration and tenant management capabilities for service providers and enterprise customers to deliver operational efficiency and reduce bottlenecks through self-service.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys brings a standard, well-defined, and end-to-end architecture with well-defined ecosystem partners. Infosys, with its rich experience of working with OEM and partners, can stitch together custom MEC solutions seamlessly, thus simplifying the telco’s MEC delivery journey.

Infosys automation accelerators and IPs facilitate easy deployment of the entire vertical stack from VIM, NFVI PODs, MEC, and network workloads, thus accelerating the production rollout.

Infosys brings experience of working with various telcos across the globe to achieve integration of vertical stack with telcos’ IT, OSS, and BSS systems.

Infosys has home-grown IP and solution, Infosys Network Function Automation (INFA), which helps to onboard workloads in an automated way. Further, the self-service layer framework on top of MEC orchestration accelerates the onboarding of enterprise tenants.