In an era of hyper-connectivity and rapid technological advancements, 5G technology is poised to become a connectivity fabric that brings together people, devices, machines and physical ecosystems. 5G has huge transformational potential across industries with its services-based, cloud-native architecture and higher-frequency bands that enable a greater amount of data to be transmitted in real time. Indeed, most industries are investigating 5G and how it can add value to their business.

In an effort to provide perspectives around the current state of adoption of 5G and to identify current and future initiatives, Infosys commissioned a research survey covering 850 industry practitioners and leaders across US, UK, Rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The survey findings serve as a guide for business and technology leaders across enterprises who are looking to demystify the hype around 5G, understand the levels of maturity across industries, identify the future outlook on adoption and address challenges in their 5G digital transformation journey.

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The Key Findings

Top 4 takeaways from the 5G research

90 % Actively investigating business cases, defining use cases with ecosystem partners or defining service portfolios using 5G technology
60 % Mentioned cost and effectiveness as the primary criteria for 5G use case adoption
59 % Mentioned security as the biggest barrier for 5G adoption
50 % Believe that system integrators will have to play a greater role in their 5G deployment

State of 5G - Industry Perspectives

Get an insight into industry specific 5G adoption

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State of 5G - Industry Perspectives