Why 5G is important for Enterprises? - A whitepaper published by GlobalData in collaboration with Infosys

Infosys recently launched new 5G offerings that will help enterprises imagine and create new economies with 5G technology. It is widely expected to enable enterprises – IT and other business departments – to usher in a new era of innovation, create new experiences and improve operational efficiency in organizations. 5G will unlock experiences of the future like AR, VR, Connected Devices, Telemedicine, and Connected Buildings in Smart Cities etc. It's still early days for 5G, but it is extremely important to talk and align enterprise leaders about how 5G can leave a disruptive impact on their industries.

To help provide thought leadership on this critical topic, Infosys recently worked with GlobalData on a thought leadership paper, ‘Why 5G is important for enterprises?’

It highlights the importance of 5G, and how relevant it is for enterprises. By enhancing the network, 5G acts as a catalyst to new use cases and the document explores what it means for enterprises operating in manufacturing, media, smart city, mining and healthcare domains. This paper also highlights Infosys PoV on 5G services, differentiators, use cases and how we help enterprises in the services play.

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