Infosys Institutes Energy Innovation Centers in Houston and London

Infosys has set up Energy Innovation Centers, in Houston and London, to co-create digital solutions, with enterprises and a robust innovation ecosystem, to tackle the challenges and harness the opportunities of decarbonization and journey to Net Zero. This helps enterprises accelerate their energy transition - grow their renewable portfolio, cut greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate transportation electrification, and develop technologies to support their journey to net zero. The Centers also partner with enterprises seeking to uncover new value and revenue generation opportunities while investing in these efforts.

As an incubator for next-generation solutions around decarbonization and Net Zero, the Innovation Centers are designed to foster collaboration, openness and speed in exploring and scaling solutions that solve large and complex problems faced by the energy, utilities, and associated industries. At the same time, these Centers will help progressive businesses, across industries, to explore and navigate their next in this domain.

Infosys Energy Innovation Centers bring together the potential of Infosys Living Labs and Infosys Design Studios amplified by its partner ecosystem to:

  • Drive smart R&D taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology infrastructure
  • Deliver disruptive solutions via rapid prototyping in a truly collaborative and agile way
  • Orchestrate learning programs such as ideation workshops, visualization engagements, hackathons, and Conversation to Creation (C2C) workshops to explore disruptive value propositions.

Partners include innovators like AWS, PTC, Software AG and Vantiq.

The Infosys’ Energy Innovation Center will play a key role in co-creation of the integrated Energy as a Service (EaaS) solution with bp. This AI-based solution will enable businesses to access reliable low carbon energy and mobility options, use energy more efficiently, and optimize supply and demand across multiple users and assets, without having to invest in additional energy infrastructure.

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