Infosys Delivering "True Partnership" with Application Management Services


Syngenta is one of the largest agro-chemical and bio-tech companies in the world. Having originally chosen Infosys for its ability to provide the application service management needed by Syngenta, the relationship is now at a point where "openness" and "honesty" represent the core infrastructure.

Daniel J. Rose, Global Head of IS and Business Architecture, Syngenta, speaks about how they had chosen Infosys for their Application Service Management needs. He also talks about Infosys being more dialed into what Syngenta is about, what it does and what its priorities are – compared to many other companies Syngenta works with. He calls out his overall working experience with Infosys as "fantastic" and describes the relationship with Infosys as a "true partnership".

Jonathan Apted, Strategic Supplier Manager for Application Services, Syngenta, shares his thoughts on how Infosys provided the technical expertise to allow Syngenta the flexibility to focus on its core processes and deliver as per its customer requirements. He also points to how Infosys has positively impacted scalability at Syngenta.