Challenges That Enterprises Face In Application Modernization

With the COVID-19 pandemic emerging as a global crisis last year, remote working and online collaboration became the mainstay of business productivity, exposing the inadequacy of legacy systems in catching up to the changing context. As a result, many enterprises with a limited digital footprint were compelled to accelerate their modernization initiatives to address the high cost of operations, inability to scale quickly, fierce competition, and longer time-to-market. The foremost threat was from the born-in-the-cloud companies, and modernization became imperative to remain relevant in the market.

In an article published by Businessworld, Gautam Khanna, Vice President and Head of Modernization Practice, Infosys throws light on various challenges faced by enterprises in their legacy applications, why modernization is the best way forward to address those challenges, and how it can help enterprises become resilient and digitally native.

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