Zero Disruption Modernization: How to Transform Your Business in Six Simple Steps

In today's rapidly evolving market, staying competitive requires adapting to new technologies and processes. However, the fear of disrupting existing workflows often keeps businesses from embracing modernization.

An article by Gautam Khanna, VP, and Global Head – Modernization Practice, Infosys, in Venture Beat, offers valuable guidance for businesses aiming to upgrade their operations without causing disruption. It provides a solution by outlining a practical and effective six step approach to modernizing the application landscape without causing significant disruptions. From assessing current systems to creating a modernization road map, the article provides a comprehensive framework for successful transformation. It emphasizes the importance of careful planning, leveraging existing assets, and prioritizing areas that will significantly impact the business. Furthermore, the article acknowledges the challenges businesses may face during modernization and offers practical advice on mitigating risk.

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