80% of the trade promotion process made touch free with automation

As a leading, and one of the largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand for over 181 years, the client served nearly 5 billion consumers, over 180 countries. The client was looking at automating its trade promotion process . Setting up the trade promotion process for various brands involved a lot of backend administrative work which required a lot of manual intervention. As a result, the sales and business development teams saw account executives losing a significant amount of their time here, as against investing it in growing the business for various brands.

Automation of rule-based, backend processes led to 37% full-time equivalent (FTE)/ headcount reduction and increased the operational window from 9 hours to 20 hours per day. Sustained accuracy enabled reduction in sampling percentage for audits with easy user-tracking logs. Moreover, 80% of the process became touch-free with the automation, almost negating the chances of human errors.