Sudeep Gupta on GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK’s) Conversational AI Initiative

23 Aug 2021

Welcome to the Infosys Applied AI podcast where we converse with our clients, partners, and industry veterans in this exciting space of Applied AI. In our first episode of this show, we meet Mr. Sudeep Gupta, Director of Data and AI Platforms at GSK Consumer Healthcare. Sudeep takes us through the Conversational AI strategy and journey at GSK and walks us through a future proof architecture of their platform.

Hosted by Abhiram Mahajani, Sales Director, AI and Automation Services, UK and Europe, Infosys

“Primary point of interest was basically conversation AI platform within GSK. This platform serves GSK as an enterprise.”

“People have started realizing the power of this platform, not only for use cases like chatbots, but also case management, how this platform can help them within marketing function, within commercial function, etc.”

“I think all these different capabilities, even though have their own specific roadmap, but at some point of time, I definitely see them working hand in hand.”

- Sudeep Gupta


Show Notes

  • 00:01

    What is The Applied AI Podcast?

  • 00:52

    Abhiram introduces himself and Sudeep

  • 02:27

    With that Sudeep, I'll let you introduce yourself and we'll get into the conversation.

  • 03:39

    My focus, of the topics that you mentioned, would be the AI and automation space. So, in that space, what exactly is being done within GSK right now and what are some of the key focus areas?

  • 06:28

    It seems that you have not gone a single platform route. You've gone with an architecture which is rather open to multiple platforms and it is like a polycloud or a multi-cloud strategy that that you have. Is this a strategy across GSK? Or is this specific to the conversational AI platform itself?

  • 08:53

    Does this mean that, for the end user or the business user, let's say if a department wants to create its own chatbot, what does that effort look like? I mean, is this kind of democratized for them to do this relatively easier? Or how does that look like for the end user?

  • 11:30

    One is the Canada example that you that you just spoke about, what has been the adoption like, so what has been some of the success if we were to call it for this platform? And what would success look like in 2021? And say for the year to come, for the platform?

  • 14:08

    Any other initiatives beyond conversational AI that would come into focus in the coming years on the RPA front or any of the other areas that you see happening?

  • 17:06

    Abhiram shares how to connect with Infosys applied AI experts

About Sudeep Gupta


Sudeep leads the Data and AI platforms for GSK-Consumer Healthcare.

He is instrumental in evaluating the value cases, understanding the challenges and then evaluating and incubating the right platforms, technology solutions and capabilities.

In previous roles, Sudeep headed the global data analytics products and engineering teams. He has extensive experience of leading and delivering right Digital, Data and BI strategies and products for business. He is data and digital transformation champion leading the organizations on cloud and DevOps/Agile mindset and journey.

Sudeep has worked across industry sectors - Finance, Travel, Pharmaceutical and Consumer. He has extensive experience in delivery large programs and enterprise platforms towards success of businesses and customers.

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