Automating complex email processing for a leading global bank: Infosys and WorkFusion

Dealing with a huge number of emails is challenging for many enterprises as was, for a customer of ours – a large American bank. Their wholesale banking division would receive more than 100,000 customer service request emails a day. These had to be classified based on the nature of request, value of transaction, tier of the customer, etc. leading to more than 400 different service request types, to be assigned to the right operators, making it all very complex.

Infosys partnered with WorkFusion to streamline this process, enable greater operational efficiency and reduce the average request handling time.

Watch the video as Sanchit Mullick, AVP & Head of Sales – AI & Automation Service, Infosys discusses this story in detail with Sanal Kumar, VP, Alliances, WorkFusion on how we are solving such real world problems for our clients.

Machine learning driven email extraction and classification can significantly reduce average request handling time while ensuring straight through processing for a major set of service request types. Explore how Intelligent Document Processing - our joint offering can help, and drive better customer satisfaction.

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