Users all over the world are becoming more comfortable at interacting with chatbots through natural language. Conversational AI (or chatbot) is primed to become the universal interface for query response. With chatbot implementation, Infosys enables enterprises to improve their responsiveness whereby any stakeholder can have their query addressed almost instantly with a 24/7 bot. Applications of conversational AI across functions like knowledge mining, insights, customer service, cross-sell/up-sell, and transactions across digital channels makes this the ideal solution for your organization.

Let the bot do the talking!

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Infosys AI and Automation Services provide a variety of intelligent chatbot-driven offerings to streamline and accelerate query and issue resolution for your enterprise. Built on industry-leading platforms like Infosys Nia, IBM Watson, MS Cortana, etc., our services and solutions can be easily applied across industries, to diverse functions like HR, finance, IT, procurement, and more to provide a comprehensive chatbot experience for enterprises.


Challenges & solutions

Conversation design enables chatbot to exhibit knowledge while simultaneously conversing in the most ‘human-like’ way possible

Chatbots eliminate errors by always providing the right answers through continuous self-learning capabilities from large information sets and feedback

Provide real-time service by being always available 24/7 to answer queries and support any process

Improve productivity and increase value while enabling the reducing cost and become more efficient with AI