Infosys Government Services Distributed Application enables governments to provide a single window for citizen services. Government departments can interact with each other to fulfill any service request from its citizens by collaborating, sharing data, defining workflows and providing transparency over networks powered by this application.

This distributed application can be manifested in the form of a ready-to-use network, which can be experienced by interested government departments via its sub-modules built for various government use cases like digitized issuance of licenses, tax compliance, drug provenance, drug recall traceability and management of healthcare records, credentials, ownership titles and intellectual property records.

Enabling seamless, transparent and secure government services

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Governments around the world are trusted with sensitive information of citizens that are currently stored in govt. agencies’ centralized database. Each agency / department is responsible for storing and maintaining an extraordinary amount of data, which becomes a problem over time. Citizens expect greater transparency and faster resolution to the service requests raised by them. But in reality, availing services from the government often becomes a cumbersome task for the citizens due to dependency on multiple agencies / departments, which act as non-integrated information silos. Resolution process becomes slower and incidents of public corruptions rise. A blockchain network, where government departments and institutions like banks, stock exchanges and corporates can share data, collaborate, digitize and automate workflows, can improve the scenario.

The actual experience of blockchain comes through multiple participants collaborating over a common network simultaneously. Hence, we have developed the Infosys Government Services Distributed Application, which can be manifested in the form of a ready-to-use network, so that citizens can access services from multiple departments in a seamless and transparent manner in a secured environment. Interested stakeholders (government departments and other private service providers) get on-boarded into this network, can collaborate and configure workflows, define the documents and validations required and offer their services through a single window.


Challenges & Solutions

Efficient coordination among multiple government departments in a trusted manner for digitized issue and maintenance of legal & financial documents like digital identities / certificates/ licenses/ permits to ensure transparency, easy access and quick resolution to citizens’ requests.

A democratized ecosystem where multiple regulators and ecosystem partners can share data with each other so that there is efficient tax compliance, reduced frauds, reduced cost of compliance and overall a better experience for the citizen / taxpayer.

Immutable portfolio of education, trainings and work experience for candidates, accreditation bodies, institutions and corporations so that authentication and verification of credentials becomes faster and efficient.

Tracking validity and distribution from raw materials to production, controlled distribution of end product to pharmacies, hospitals and maintaining immutable and transparent records of the product movement to counter drug abuse because of fake prescriptions or gaps in supply chain.