Our approach to the Blockchain Assessment Framework capitalizes on the robust foundation resulting from the strategic and operational consultation during requirements phase. The strategic consultation outcomes shall form the basis for the operational consultation with the objective to identify the best-fit blockchain financially viable use case(s) and define operational model in the clients context.

We will leverage design thinking based workshop to explore client’s business processes to identify best fit solved use case(s) by the application of distributed ledger technology. The activities to be performed to define, shortlist and qualify the use-cases for blockchain implementation through effective ideation and design thinking techniques during requirements phase.

Design thinking workshop to evaluate use case fitment and viability

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Infosys shall use its proprietary blockchain assessment framework as a basis to develop a fit for purpose service scoring framework as part of the requirements phase to evaluate the maturity of identified clients’ business processes. Infosys will design detailed questionnaire, scoring model and identify stakeholders to be interviewed. Envisage measurable benefits, metrics, KPIs and impact from implementation of blockchain use case(s), including benefits to various consortium members and key features/ attributes of blockchain based system.

The short list of candidate use cases resulting from blockchain fitment framework shall then be further scrutinized through the success criteria’s based on the outcomes of the strategy consultation phase. The result of this step will be the list of candidate use cases aligned to client’s success criteria and operational viability.

  • Strategic Alignment – Alignment with the overall vision and objectives
  • End User Satisfaction – Potential to improve end user satisfaction and happiness levels
  • Financial Benefits – ROI, estimated operational and financial benefits realized
  • Scalability & Performance – Accounts the scalability of the solution and systems downtime
  • Interoperability & Integration – Integration with legacy systems and other controls and platforms
  • Security – Impact on the overall security and risk

Operational viability will be assessed through financial model based on monetization aspects identified through comprehensive business, regulatory, and compliance requirements to reinforce ROI for founder/consortium network members and any other commercial partners.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Blockchain assessment helps organizations identify opportunities for blockchain initiatives across business units, their customers, as well as provider and regulatory stakeholders to drive the best business outcomes in process cost, efficiency, and quality.

Infosys assessment ensures stakeholders are aligned to the objective of maximum return to end users w.r.t service automation, provenance, real time data reconciliation and consent management etc.

Infosys uses a robust methodology to assess the impact of adoption in key operational areas, and demonstrate the potential business/economic value of enterprise blockchain adoption using strategic pilot implementations.

Infosys assesses interest level of ecosystem partners, identifies potential implementation risks and roadblocks, and provides a strategic roadmap to minimize transition and integration risks which aligns the interests of key stakeholders to help achieve the optimal outcomes.

Infosys assesses risk related to compliance, regulatory norms and cybersecurity and build a risk mitigation plan.