The Infosys Infrastructure Management Suite (IIMS) helps organizations transform the way they manage and operate their Hybrid IT Ecosystem. IIMS leverages an AI-powered core to dramatically improve IT operational efficiency by automating operational tasks and minimizing operational issues.

IIMS provides a modular framework that allows organizations to leverage their existing investments in IT Operations Management toolsets, enabling construction of a Next Generation IT Ops Automation framework with minimal disruption to operations.

Leverage the power of AI to dramatically improve your operational efficiency by accelerating IT decision making, accelerating time to market of applications and autonomously driven operations.

  • Hybrid IT Manager
    • To build, manage and govern your Hybrid IT Ecosystem
  • Digital Command Center
    • To provide a single pane view to monitor your IT ecosystem across the entire stack and autonomously drive operations
  • Autonomics Toolkit
    • A DIY, Low Code, Ops Automation Kit to allows rapid design & deployment of Autonomous operations
  • Ops Analytics Workbench
    • Our AI-Core to build prediction, forecasting, correlation, pattern detection, anomaly detection models to drive autonomous operations

An intelligent IT management framework to manage a hybrid IT ecosystem by capitalizing on automation, AI, and other advanced digital technologies


Infosys drew on its vast and deep experience to develop an IT management platform that covers the spectrum of IT operations in-depth. IIMS addresses the gap in the market for a single platform that comprehensively and effectively handles the entire lifecycle of IT operations - build, operate, analyze, and resolve.

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Challenges & Solutions

The IIMS, drives large-scale transformation across the organization’s IT landscape. It impacts application health, cloud, infrastructure, network, storage and service desk functions to improve overall enterprise resiliency, dramatically improve service quality whilst driving down operational expenditure.

Using IIMS, organization can implement robust and extensive security policies coupled with strong management capabilities. We work with our customers at every step and ensure that we leverage their existing investments and augment their IT infrastructure with additional controls using our vast implementation experience. This makes them more confident and secure.

The IIMS analytics module helps shift through vast amounts of operational data to provide unique insights into areas ready for automation. This allows us to deliver operational transformation through extreme automation which accelerates time to market and improves service quality and availability.