The datacenters of enterprises of the future continue to be guided by digital transformation efforts backed by cloud adoption. Enterprises no longer stick to one cloud model; they prefer a hybrid environment with a mix of private and public cloud for different workloads to increase agility, scalability, and efficiency. For enterprises looking for stringent security and governance to process large data volumes and who need tight integration with other enterprise applications and workflows, private cloud deployments and operations would be preferred.

Infosys purpose-fit private cloud is an extension of the existing computing environment at your enterprise and utilizes your investments. It is a single tenant dedicated cloud customized for your organizational needs. Infosys purpose-fit private cloud solution provides tailormade and time-tested solutions for a broad spectrum of enterprise requirements comprising bare metal, virtual machines, containers, and cloud native PaaS solution.

Modular Architecture
Capitalize on new technologies

Design Principles

Service Orchestration
Dashboard with KPI representation
Full Stack Integration
Centrally manage & configure physical servers, Edge devices, appliances & VMs
Extreme Automation Driven
Reduced time-to-value
Cloud like Consumption
Pay as you use

Design for the Future

Content Acquisition and ingestion
  • Workload Centric PODs
  • Modular Architecture
  • Programmable DC with ability to extend Data & App to cloud
  • Resiliency at multiple layers
  • Integrate with hyper

Build and Scale

Content Acquisition and ingestion
  • Build Stencils from Edge to Hyper scale
  • Auto Provisioning and auto scaling based on smart catalogue
  • Factory based solutions combined with automations for migration

Manage with Ease

Content Acquisition and ingestion
  • Enterprise Infrastructure tools integrated with AI/ML and automation
  • Single pane of management
  • Cost management dashboard with metering & billing

The Infosys private cloud solution framework has distributed architecture, extending beyond the four walls of the data centers, delivering high resilience platforms at the enterprise edge for hosting next generation digital solutions. It completely virtualizes control and resource planes, and enables seamless application portability across the private, public, and edge cloud, by using cloud-native container solutions. It integrates with edge-centric, latency sensitive, digital solutions offered by hyperscalers and provides a secure hosting environment.

The Infosys private cloud solution uplifts the traditional private cloud capabilities by incorporating public cloud innovations and experience and delivers a platform forged with industry leading infrastructure products and wrapped by Infosys’ award-winning tools, Polycloud and ESM Café. It addresses enterprise concerns on vendor or technology lock-in, capex, asset ownership, and limited flexibility and allows limitless business innovation with confidence. The Infosys private cloud solution delivers traditional and cloud-native capabilities, supported by rich and intuitive user experience, in ‘as a service’ model.

The Infosys purpose build cloud comes with time tested architecture blueprints to host enterprise workloads such as ERP, edge centric, COTS and bespoke application. The modular architecture of Infosys private cloud can be tailored as per business needs by integrating partner’s components and protecting investments.

Next-Generation Private Cloud Solutions Powered by Public Cloud Innovation


Infosys purpose-fit private cloud advantages:

  • Build for the future
    The Infosys private cloud solution provides traditional VM-based as well as container-based cloud native capabilities under one integrated platform supported by our leading observability platform and SRE driven automation.
  • AI/ML powered
    Uses AI/ML in curated catalog creation, amplified automation and brings intelligence to the observability platform.
  • Security and compliance
    Full compliance with enterprise security and governance policies, having multiple successful implementations complying with PCI, HIPPA and regulated environments.
  • Flexible pricing model
    “As a service model” for all the services delivered by the platform at the core as well as edge data centers.
  • Rich and intuitive user experience
    Persona based intuitive user experience along with a contextual interface for business users, leadership team, developers and operators.
  • Smart service catalog
    The AI/ML powered smart curated catalog provides a relevant service catalog based on the user profile, previous subscriptions and requirements stated in simple English.

Challenges & Solutions

The Infosys private cloud comes with purpose build, certified, legacy, and modern technology platforms blueprints to host both traditional as well as cloud-native business applications, ensuring faster deployment with minimal business disruption.

Our solution delivers efficiency and reliability at scale by adopting SRE principles powered by strong cognitive capabilities.

We enable seamless integration with hyperscalers and leading infrastructure SaaS providers to allow free flow of innovation and provides the ability to consume the best of the breed cloud solutions.