The Infosys High Tech practice consolidates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and core systems to address the challenges of organic as well as inorganic business growth in the semiconductor industry. A digital transformation converts original equipment manufacturers, fabless enterprises, contract manufacturers, distributors, and resellers into software-defined enterprises. Digital enterprises are empowered to create new revenue streams through big data analytics and predictive insights. Further, modernized core IT infrastructure, networks and applications improve performance by supporting cognitive techniques.

Our team adopts an incremental technology consolidation strategy after evaluating workloads, business processes, non-functional requirements, license costs, and risks as well as compatibility issues during systems integration. We create a roadmap to realize business value from new technologies, process standardization and portfolio consolidation. Our modernization solutions boost agility, enabling faster response to demands across product design, fabrication, logistics, and marketing content management.

Our domain experts and IT services team combine vendor-agnostic development platforms, automation tools and reusable frameworks to rationalize capital as well as operating costs of a digital transformation. We implement a unified architecture and design to ensure a consistent user experience across channels, while our bespoke components address region-specific functional requirements. We adopt DevOps tools to accelerate IT modernization. Collaboration between analysts, application developers, project managers, and business users ensures alignment of IT effort with future business vision.


Challenges & Solutions

Continuous Integration-Continuous Delivery (CI-CD) landscape and integrated development environment boost productivity.

Agile software development methodologies and DevOps practices align application development and testing with business priorities.

Cross-platform integration simplifies application development and maintenance in multi-vendor hardware and programming environments.