Hassle-Free governance of multi-partner/multi-vendor environment


Infosys X-PACT assists the next-gen large-scale enterprises with the much needed governance module for their Adobe platform to effectively manage the multi-partner/multi-vendor environment through its proactive and extensive assistance and insights features.

  • Infosys X-PACT tool not only helps in ensuring compliance with the platform standards but also provides impact assessment insights during development/enhancement on key aspects such as components, templates, and third party integrations
  • The stub generator module of X-PACT helps in automating the code generation for templates, page component, component code, and project structure, taking care of namespaces and naming convention conflicts with auto generated code for typical AEM project structure standards
  • The integrator module of X-PACT helps in establishing the basic configuration setup with AEM and other Adobe tools like Analytics, Target, and Campaign
  • At its core, the tool uses standard JCR specification JQuery API to fetch the platform details on templates, components, and the associated dependency insights

Infosys X-PACT - eXperience Platform Analyzer and Controller Tool

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Infosys X-PACT solution construct

  • Ease of adherence to platform standards
  • Reusability built with knowledge base
  • Regression and impact analysis assistance
  • Standard Adobe Tool Configuration Support

Challenges & Solutions

The analyzer functionality of X-PACT gives the list of components/templates along with the list of pages/sites and the analysis from the pages’ perspective, with an option to compare different versions of a page.

The stub generator module of X-PACT creates a project structure, component, and template automatically. A click of a button generates the complete project structure as per AEM standards.

A combination of system JCR and AEM components are used to build the integration configuration with other Adobe tools that help in measuring the component health check at runtime using predefined parameters.