Anticipate needs and inspire customer experience across their omni-channel journey


With the advent of omni-channel devices and an explosion in customer data, it has become extremely important to harness this big data generated across the customer journey and obtain useful insights about customer needs. Infosys GenExA is a holistic offering that helps enterprises decode the customer DNA.

  • This boundary less data platform collates enterprise, digital partner, and external data to enable creation of networked data products in the data intelligence grid
  • It further constructs customer genes to build a self-service-driven and customer centric foundation for explorative, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
  • The solution is powered by the Infosys Information Platform for rapid implementation and insights generation. It adheres to open and adaptive architecture principles, which seamlessly integrates with existing cloud and hybrid infrastructures and also supports end-to-end automation
  • Prebuilt and comprehensive analytical models leverage customer information to generate faster insights across the customer life cycle, enabling persona-based and informed decision making. These insights can be seamlessly embedded into the business processes of the enterprise
  • The solution also provides a user-friendly integrated marketplace for data discovery and self-service analytics through a business semantics engine and a customer gene store

Infosys Genome Powered Experience for Adobe Cloud ( GenExA)

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Infosys GenExA solution construct

  • Accelerated data acquisition across all touchpoints by leveraging prebuilt components
  • Shorter time to market by optimizing data preparation and analysis
  • Delivery of timely and contextualized insights to enable informed decision making
  • Lower cost of ownership by leveraging open source technologies

Challenges & Solutions

Boundary less data access with an open source data platform, that can be seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure. Seamless access to all varieties of data sources with prebuilt adapters.

Prefabricated repository of customer genes for accelerated, persona-driven, and contextualized customer insights. Also provides prebuilt model libraries that accelerate analytics.

Networked data products and consumer genes are published in a business-friendly language, facilitating self-service exploration. Integrated marketplace provides capability to search analytical models and visualizations within the enterprise for collaboration and reuse.