Adopt smart ECM solutions for seamless management of voluminous records


Infosys BASE is a smart ECM solution which supports hot and cold archives with perfect amalgamation between the ECM system and big data system.

With the size of unstructured content increasing day by day, traditional content services or ECM solutions are lagging in storing large volume of content, storing media documents, and lowering the cost.

Infosys has implemented an innovative solution to manage high volume data and keep the cost of implementation less by segregating content management repositories into hot archive and cold archive. Hot archive stores recent data and cold archive stores archival data. Hot archive can be implemented using any open source CMS tool, whereas cold archive can be implemented using Big Data solutions. In order to index both repositories, an open source search engine can be used. Proposed smart ECM architecture can scale to very high volume of content, can handle media documents, and drastically brings down the TCO cost.

Infosys BASE - Smart ECM solution

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Our smart ECM solution

  • Solution handles voluminous data seamlessly and we support a huge volume of around 1.5 petabytes
  • Reduction of license costs after considerations for the overall cost and support of new platform
  • Approximately around 54 million of data migrated from the existing system to our solution through ETL processing

Challenges & Solutions

Supports storing of structured and unstructured data which serves as a hot archival active repository, leveraging big data as a cold archival repository, and quick search with elastic search.

Extensible MiFID II compliant architecture setting the future trend of CMS. Lays strong foundation for future regulatory compliance such as GDPR.

Open source ECM product integrated to big data thereby reducing the license cost.