The Infosys and Lanxess – M365 Transformation Journey

Lanxess is a leading specialty chemicals company based in Cologne, Germany. Their core business is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, and consumer protection products with presence in 33+ countries.

Lanxess joined forces with Infosys to mitigate the challenges of a nonunified platform by leveraging the M365 Transformation for their workplace.

Watch the conversation between Martina Schiffler (Head of Transformation Projects for Workplace – IT, Lanxess), Aditya Sharma (Lanxess Account Director, Infosys), and Sudipta Ghosh (M365 Program Director, Infosys) as they discuss about:

  • Creating a unified platform to enhance user-experience
  • Seamless transformation and transition for the managed workplace
  • Embracing a user-centric approach by taking a single harmonized change over multiple changes approach
  • Phased strategic rollout for 18000+ users which ensured amplified and smooth user acceptance