Fireside Chat – The Changing Face of Workplace with Generative AI

The talk of the town today is the newest pilot – Co-pilot. It is your colleague, your virtual assistant and definitely not human.

We have brought together three renowned thought leaders: Rajesh Varrier (EVP, Head Americas, and Global Head of Digital Experience and Microsoft Business, Infosys), Jared Spataro (CVP, Modern Work and Business Applications, Microsoft), and Ray Wang (Founder, Chairman, and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research) who will dive into the nitty-gritty of Co-Pilot and its extraordinary impact on the Future of Work.

Key Highlights of the Fireside Chat:

  • The AI Techstorm - AI’s Impact on Future of Work and Top Use Cases
  • Key Risks Revolving around Generative AI - Intellectual Property, Security and Privacy, Bias Problem
  • Dos and Don’ts while Using Co-Pilot - From asking Contextually Relevant Questions to getting the Desired Response while being Mindful of the Responses