One of the largest electric utilities in the United States with a significant electric vehicle (EV) customer footprint wanted to implement an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) platform .

The company sought to streamline enrollment and onboarding of new customers while ensuring reliability of energy supply operations.

Infosys developed an EVSE platform to increase EV adoption by deploying EV charging infrastructure as well as supporting digital sales and marketing programs.

Key Challenges

  • Backlog in the manual administrative process caused by rapid enrollment
  • Transmission and distribution challenges before installing new capacity

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The Solution

Platform incorporates iEnergy® Program Management, Onsite and iEnergy® Trade Ally Connect

Infosys developed an integrated EVSE platform that serves constituents across the energy value chain.

Customers enroll on the utility portal. Thereafter, the eMobility team reviews and approves customer requests and site locations.

On the same platform, the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) team monitors sites, reviews designs, and manages construction metadata for EVSE deployment.

Seamless user experience for utility personnel as well as customers

    Roadmap for 100% carbon-free energy by 2045

  • Investment management for multi-billion-dollar energy transition program


A platform that helps seamless adoption of EV charging infrastructure

Enabled an exponential increase in EV adoption

Enabled an exponential increase in EV adoption

Ensured grid resilience and stability

Ensured grid resilience and stability