Technology has stowed itself into almost every corner of business, and retail stores are no exception. In a dynamic business scenario with scaling competition, a strong marketing strategy to promote retail store becomes paramount. This will help them execute wide range of strategic events, routine actions, and peripheral tasks.

Digitization will offer retailers the means to optimize processes, attain cost savings and operational efficiencies by eliminating paper based or manual communication among employees. Modern digital solutions will acquire necessary data to make informed decision and delineate transformation to compete in the market.

Key element in a Promotional Program may be a coupon, price reduction, opportunity to enter a contest, money back, or additional quantum of product/s. If Promotional programs are orchestrated effectively, they can be used as an accelerator to speed up the selling process and maximize selling volumes.

Store Communication solution provides end-to-end built-in workflow of communications between Backoffice & Store Associates.


Infosys Store Communication solution is a unified platform to allow organizations provide seamless experience for their employees while they are in store.

  • Built-in seamless digital experience that sits on top of any IT ecosystems, tightly integrated with Microsoft Teams.
  • Eradicates manual and lengthy approval and compliance process
  • Lower licensing costs overall for ready reckoner solutions, differentiated offerings and functionalities, that are easily customizable in comparison to out of the box solutions

Challenges & Solutions

Single app to support employees communicate efficiently at different levels within the organization