Designed to achieve every retail organization’s vision and measure its progress against the same, more efficiently and promptly, the Infosys KPI Dashboard is a pre-configured, end-to-end reference solution tailored to suit Retail organizations.

The solution has dashboards that consolidate KPIs and reports with interactive charts and graphs, that enable employees across the retail value chain to stay in control of their retail business, know customers and key stakeholders better, make sense of the data at hand for intuitive decision making.

Enabling retailers with smart decision making and superior employee productivity with interactive reporting


Business owners must keep track of several aspects such as price of products, inventory, payments, salaries, employee productivity etc. With daily hustle in retail business, it is easy to lose track of goals and performance. That is why it is important to keep track of essential retail KPIs. Infosys Retail KPI Dashboards display key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports in interactive, persona-based charts and graphs, allowing for a quick, organized review, analysis and decision making.


Challenges & Solutions

This solution pulls data from multiple sources like existing CRM/ERP etc. and provides interactive dashboards for decision making

Interactive dashboards providing fully customizable view with real time data update

Real time data updates help business owners take faster decisions

Persona based and customized reports available. Role based access is provisioned.

Reports can be easily customized as per the requirement