Designed to empower every retail store employee to deliver best in class experience to their customers, more efficiently and rapidly, the Infosys Store Associate app is a preconfigured, end-to-end reference solution tailored to suit Retail organizations.

It comprises end-to-end process flows and proven best practices from successful Dynamics 365 transformation engagements to achieve greater business value. It enables the store associate with customer 360 and product 360 view and provides them with tools to track and achieve their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Empowering retailers for improved customer experience and staff productivity, thereby achieving increased revenue.


Customer behavior is changing, and the new age customer is becoming habituated to certain level of one-to-one engagement that nurtures a more personal relationship to build trust. At the same time, the customer expects the retail store associates to have comprehensive knowledge about the product they are selling. This not only benefits the customer but also unlocks up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for the staff. To cater to the same, retailers need a solution that can empower store associates with this product and customer information on demand.

Our Store Associate app enables the associate with customer 360 and product 360 view, providing them with tools to track and achieve their KPIs, and a chatbot to answer all their FAQs. Lower licensing costs overall for ready reckoner solutions and associated differentiated offerings and functionalities, that are easily customizable in vis a vis out of the box solutions.


Challenges & Solutions

Integrated dashboard to measure KPIs

Access to information on promotions to increase the Average Ticket Value.

Customer appointment notifications for curbside pick-up/returns/drop