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Business Requirement Management & Domain Consulting

Infosys provides domain-specific consulting for Application Services, combining business and technology expertise to deliver comprehensive services for the application engagement lifecycle. Our domain experts help clients with strategy definition, value realization, implementation, and operations.

With strong application consulting experience, supported by world-class talent and proven expertise, we offer key industry insights and technology excellence through our repository of cutting-edge methodologies, processes, tools, and accelerators.

We help enterprises achieve greater business connect, faster user acceptance, and shorter turnaround times. Our domain experts with strong techno-functional capabilities provide valuable guidance across application development, testing, maintenance, support, and implementation. By engaging experts during early stages, we ensure superior functionalities, smoother operations, and better communication between stakeholders.

Key offerings in domain consulting for ADM include:

  • Business analysis and requirement management
  • Business process and platform documentation
  • Product professional service

Business analysis and requirement management

With change being the only constant, organizations need to regularly analyze their business and re-evaluate their investments in technologies, people, and processes to stay relevant.

Infosys enables clients to understand their changing businesses and to enhance productivity. Besides gathering business requirements, our team of business analysts and specialized domain consultants manage processes, create a solution roadmap, and conduct functional testing activities.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) proactively determine staffing and training requirements at the beginning of the engagement, helping reduce unexpected costs. Additionally, our Center of Excellence (CoE) leverages an onsite-offshore model, ensuring optimal utilization of resources, cost-efficiency, and higher productivity.

Business process and platform documentation service

IT modernization is inevitable. Unfortunately, organizations may not always understand their IT landscape or struggle with improper documentation of business processes and IT applications. This compromises the effectiveness of any modernization initiative.

Infosys supports clients in modernization journey through comprehensive documentation services. Our business documentation team comprises of program managers, business analysts, and technical analysts. These experts leverage strong business and technical knowledge, experience, and expertise to understand and document all business processes, IT and system applications; thereby laying the stepping stone for modernization initiatives.

Third – party product related services

Organizations are increasingly opting for third-party products business processes. While this is a convenient option, choosing the right third-party best fit with business requirement is critical. This requires specialized skills for evaluation, implementation, maintenance and support.

The product CoE at Infosys helps enterprises choose the right business processes — thanks to our in-depth implementation experience with several products and strong relationships with multiple product vendors. Deployed using the Infosys Global Delivery Model, our comprehensive solution helps enterprises:

  • Evaluate and select the best third-party products
  • Assess product fitment and process impact
  • Implement and integrate product seamlessly and effectively
  • Access post-implementation maintenance and support
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