NICE Actimize

NICE Actimize

NICE Actimize, the industry’s largest and broadest provider of financial crime, anti-money laundering, enterprise fraud and compliance solutions is the leader in Autonomous Financial Crime Management. The Autonomous journey begins with NICE Actimize’s ActOne which fundamentally transforms financial crime investigations by introducing intelligent automation and visual storytelling for speed and accuracy. Intelligent automation saves time by enabling a virtual workforce of robots to collaborate with human investigators, while visual storytelling uncovers more risks by showing relationships between entities, alerts and cases in a visual manner. The Autonomous path continues with the release of X-Sight, NICE Actimize’s cloud-based Financial Crime Risk Management Platform-as-a-Service that breaks the limits on data and analytics by leveraging the cloud.

Infosys – Actimize partnership maximizes business benefits for clients

Our partnership combines Infosys’s global reach, deep domain expertise in Risk and Compliance which includes knowledge of the space, latest trends and developments in the industry, with Actimize’s leadership in developing and implementing financial crime and compliance solutions. Infosys’s specific expertise in executing Actimize engagements (includes advisory, implementation, upgrades, migrations and on-going support) along with larger capabilities such as cloud hosting, optimization, analytics, AI/ML & automation, makes this partnership perfectly poised to address all Anti Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Fraud and Enterprise Case Management requirements for an organization.

Infosys – Actimize service offerings have been aligned to address the evolving needs of a financial institution. We provide tailor-made solutions and services to our clients driven by the need to continuously reinvent, add value and stay competitive, by leveraging our complementary strengths.

Infosys offers Actimize Financial Crime solutions on cloud

We provide end-to-end subscription-based software-as-a-service for Anti-Money Laundering (using Actimize SAM), Anti-Fraud (using Actimize IFM) and Case Management (using Actimize ActOne) including cloud hosting.

We have a comprehensive Infosys Actimize Digital Suite to deliver these services to our clients in a scalable, cost-effective manner, quickly and reliably.

Benefit to clients through collaboration


We utilize the best practices, accelerators, proven methodology and Actimize support to deliver these services with reliability, predictability and faster time to market.

We offer services like implementations, upgrades, maintenance, testing, data integration, and support for WLF, CDD, SAM, IFM, RCM, FMC solutions and custom implementations.


We provide services for implementation / migration of the Actimize solutions to the cloud. This service includes the services from system integration and any other cloud specific offerings such as lift & shift, migration and modernization.

We leverage our cloud accelerators and expertise in addition to our Actimize differentiators for this service offering.

End to end compliance modernization:

We deliver consulting and value-added services such as model definition, model assessment, tuning and alert optimization to Financial Institutions to enable them to derive business benefits and operational efficiencies.

We leverage our tuning and analytics framework, automation framework from our suite to deliver these services.


The Infosys-Actimize Digital Suite of ready-to-use solutions combines strong business expertise with product and technical skills and years of experience in servicing the compliance needs of clients, to enhance the experience of transformation for our clients and provide business value in a time-efficient manner. These solutions accelerate the time-to-market by reducing time spent across various stages of the deployment and cloud-migration lifecycle. The current set of these solutions comprises the automated deployer &configurator, tuning framework platform, infra automation & monitoring, and solutions that enable data management & visualization dashboards. These solutions empower clients with enhanced visual entity insights decision strategy and help clients to accelerate their cloud adoption journey.