The future is female

Diversity is a source of innovation and ultimately, business success for Infosys. It helps build balance in workforce, bringing in different capabilities and perspectives.

A large component of our diversity efforts is focused on retaining and growing women in their talent pool. Women often move out of careers during important life-stages; one of these is maternity. Infosys is committed to improve the numbers of women returning to work post maternity and helping them grow and succeed in their careers. In fiscal 2020, 5,092 women employees availed maternity leave and 89% women returned to work post maternity.

Return-to-work post-maternity measures at Infosys are supported by strong policies and practices that focus on integrating women into the workforce and enable them to pursue their careers in their areas of specialization.

  • Maternity Handbook articulates our promise to provide a conducive ecosystem to women before and during maternity and on their return to work post maternity.
  • Manager’s Guide is a tool for managers which provides them with information on enablers and processes to facilitate this integration effectively.
  • iMother is an app designed to help women stay connected, relevant and inspired during this important moment of their personal lives (through the personalized Infy Me experience).
  • Mom’s Net, at each of our locations, provides services like well-appointed workstations, interaction spaces and lactation rooms, as well as competency development programs (through Lex), career counseling sessions, experience sharing modules and Family Matters sessions.
  • Flexible work options include remote work and part-time work facilities. Women returning from maternity also have the opportunity to take up modular work packets through Accelerate, the Infosys marketplace or work in specialized technology roles in our IS team.
  • Childcare support recognizes the diverse needs of the parent community. Childcare options include on-site, proximity and network options with a range of quality service providers identified and reviewed by the Company.

Restart with Infosys is a unique intervention focusing on hiring women who have taken a break from their careers for any length of time and are keen to re-enter the workforce. The program is supported by mentoring, skilling and real-life project experiences to strengthen the confidence of women returning to pursue their career aspirations.