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Problem Finding / Problem Solving

Across Australia & New Zealand Infosys assists clients to renew existing systems and to create and build new innovative solutions. Our strategic consulting, software and services leverage technology, transform organisations, and embed a purposeful culture of organisational learning to empower employees.

Since establishing our initial presence in the region in 1999, we now have delivery centres located in Docklands (VIC) and Parramatta (NSW) with other offices in Auckland (NZ), Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We are proud of our local contribution to drive economic growth and prosperity in the region. By leveraging the best talent Australia and New Zealand has to offer and combining this with the best talent available globally ensures our clients are at the forefront of the new innovations and technologies that are transforming the world.. One way in which we facilitate this is through implementation of our Design Thinking (DT) practice; an approach to problem finding and solving that has now been leveraged extensively by many Australian & New Zealand clients. We have facilitated over 60 DT workshops; helping clients re-imagine and prepare for the future, explore new ways of "doing", to allow positive change in their organisational cultures, rapid prototyping, and the building of new and innovative solutions.

People + Software + Innovations = Amplifying Potential

We amplify the potential of organisations, the capability of people, and leverage new opportunities and the best innovations to equip clients across key areas of knowledge management, automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

To enhance the entrepreneurial mindset of our own employees we have created a ground-up, grassroots approach to empower our staff to be closer to the end user, to the underlying technologies, and therefore to the value for clients – we call it ’Zero Distance to the customer' – a framework that is actively promoted globally by all of our leaders, and thrives.

Over 1000 'Zero Distance' ideas have already been generated here in Australia and New Zealand; enhancing customer and staff experiences, inspiring the automation of processes; and enabling more effective digital transformations..

Transforming the services of Public Sector

Our dedicated Public Sector team leverages extensive local capabilities and knowledge, world class software, and our culture of continuous learning to successfully amplify the potential of government departments and the capabilities of public servants.

Public Sector – Australia & New Zealand
Through utilisation of artificial intelligence, digital innovation and knowledge we help our public sector clients face a range of unique challenges, from; complex mission requirements, high expectations of citizen service levels, ongoing budget pressures, and keeping track of rapid technology changes.

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