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Is your architecture watertight?

Architects and project teams can design and deploy the appropriate architecture by accurately capturing the functional and non-functional requirements of an application. Infosys experts propose a Quality of Service (QoS) and Architecture Evaluation model with well-defined templates to capture your requirements.

Our technology-agnostic model helps:
  • Capture the requirements of availability, adaptability, performance and scalability, usability, security, and application testing
  • Prioritize nonfunctional requirements
  • Evaluate architectural options for QoS
  • Assess cost, impact and criticality to plan improvements to the architecture
  • Calculate the architectural compliance index based on an audit of software
  • Integrate incremental changes in requirements into the application


Deepak Hoshing, AVP and Head - Architecture, Finacle Deepak Hoshing

Deepak heads Finacle architecture and has been architecting a variety of solutions for over two decades. He has been with Infosys since 14 years. Deepak can be reached at

Sanjita Bohidar, Quality Department ,Infosys Sanjita Bohidar

Sanjita works with Infosys Quality department and has been with Infosys since 13 years. As part of delivery, she has handled multiple large and complex application development and maintenance (ADM) assignments before moving to the quality department. She manages organization wide initiatives with the quality team. She can be reached at

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