Enterprise Architecture Survey

Infosys Enterprise Architecture Survey: A strategic transformation tool for business-IT alignment

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is now ready for the next step – to evolve as a tool for transforming organizations.

Business agility is the ability to achieve competitive advantage by re-configuring resources in response to business opportunities and competitive threats. It is a critical success factor for corporations aiming to win in a flat world

Infosys Enterprise Architecture survey 2007
To understand how EA is positioned today, Infosys recently carried out a survey involving CIOs and Chief Architects. The results clearly indicated that EA:

  • Has achieved the objectives of its evolutionary stages
  • Helps IT support the corporation
  • Is being accepted as a tool for implementing business strategy across the enterprise

Infosys - Enterprise Architecture: transformation tool for business-IT alignment A comparison with Infosys' EA survey 2005 reveals a shift in EA's role in an organization and its growing acceptance as a tool for strategic decision making. For instance, the 2007 survey reveals that 19% of EA teams are already spending more time on business architecture as opposed to focusing on disciplines traditionally in the realm of IT - a 36% increase over the last survey result of 14%.

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