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Leveraging Big Data To Crack Open Oncology Insights

In the article published on Eyeforpharma online website, Life Sciences experts Shreela Murugesan and Ashish Kumar present a detailed framework to evaluate the ...

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Adapt shipments to production variance with dynamic transport load building

The two important aspects of transportation planning include lane and mode. The transportation lane is a supply chain construct that connects a source location to a destination. In an article published on SCM Expert...


E-viruses – tackling the next frontier in healthcare

In an article published on the MDDI online website, co-authored by three Infosys Life Sciences experts – Dinesh Peter, Nandini Diwakar and Avijit Dutta envision a future where humans are vulnerable to...

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New-Age Retail Marketing: Customer Loyalty Management

The key to delighting today's consumers is to create highly focused customer loyalty programs, with targeted communication and consistent cross-channel experiences.

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